Bost Custom Homes are
built on your expectations.

Bost Custom Homes is North Carolina's award-winning, premier luxury design-build company. Our showcase-quality homes, estates and remodeling projects are one-of-a-kind, designed to meet the unique characteristics of your building site and maximize the beauty of your property. Our prime lots, upscale architectural design experience, masonry framing techniques, cutting-edge building materials, green and rainwater collection technologies, as well as our proven construction process will offer you endless opportunities to transform creative ideas into reality, starting with our very first meeting.

At Bost, we understand that executive home development, real estate and construction relationships are built on trust. Our reputation for accurate estimates and reduced build times has made Rex Bost and his team the leading homebuilders in the Triangle, giving our clients a foundation of confidence and integrity in both their choice of builder and in their investments. No matter what stage of the design or planning process you're in for your new home, the Bost experience promises to be as exciting as it is efficient and as reliable as it is rewarding.

The creativity, value and quality of a Bost Custom Home not only applies to new construction but also remodeling and renovation projects. With over 40 years of combined construction experience Bost Homes is qualified to handle any project from a small bath remodel to a major addition. Offering a true Design/Build process Bost Custom Homes will handle the project every step of the way.

Not only do we build luxurious custom homes, we also create extraordinary wine cellars and wine closets to accommodate our clients' taste for the finer things. From a wine storage closet, to a dine-in wine showplace, we can help create that cellar you’ve always dreamed of in your home or place of business.

Meet your expectations today with Bost Custom Homes.

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